Legally Blind May 24, 2017

Legally Blind May 24, 2017 Replay
Legally Blind May 24, 2017 Replay
Janine Gutierrez as Atty. Grace Evangelista – The lead female protagonist of the series. She is a Cum Laude graduate of her course of Media in Business and Laws and also a successful attorney and then she is the one who passed the Bar Examination. Courteous, polite, lovable and believable oldest daughter on her family. But later, she get dizzy and hallucinated when she drink a margarita with a sleeping pills and she caught by the boss of the bar, William. She’s raped and at the same time, she got legally blind. But someday, she will do everything from her family and her job to might revenge the one who have a tragedy she made of. Her father’s eyes was donated to her.
Mikael Daez as Atty. Edward Villareal – The lead male protagonist of the series. He is Grace’s good friend and the one who helped Grace to get revenge.
Lauren Young as Charity “Charie” Evangelista – The lead female antagonist of the series. She is Grace’s younger sister. Jealous, arrogant, lazy, cunning and selfish. She hates Grace ever since. She is getting type with Joel to make Grace life miserable and she is the suspect of her tortured sister.

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