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Super Ma’am September 25, 2017

Super Ma'am September 25, 2017
Super Ma’am September 25, 2017
is a 2017 Philippine television action fantasy drama series directed by LA Madridejos. Starring Marian Rivera, it premiered on September 18, 2017 replacing Mulawin vs. Ravena and occupying the timeslot of Alyas Robin Hood on GMA Network’s Telebabad primetime block. Minerva Henerala (Marian Rivera) is an odd but soft-hearted high school teacher who loves her students despite their behavior inside the classroom. Years ago, she lost her mother, Raquel (Dina Bonnevie), a well-known archaeologist and sister (Kim Domingo) in an archaeological accident. Minerva, at the same site, had a close encounter with the Tamawos, a mythical glowing winged-creatures, and ended up believing that they exists as she grew up.
As the years go by, the Tamawos have made their way into the city and abducts children in an intention to feed on their youthful energy. Ceres (Carmina Villaroel), the great Tagachu who is the keeper of the powerful “buntot pagi”, a mystical item that has the power to transform an individual into a Tamawo slayer, before an evil Tamawo possesses her, she passes the item to Minerva, who later transforms to her alter-ego, “Super Ma’am”.
Originally titled as The Good Teacher, it was later renamed to Super Ma’am

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