Two Mothers July 07, 2015

Two Mothers July 7 2015
Two Mothers July 7 2015
Bbeoggugi Dungji; lit. “Cuckoo’s Nest”) is a 2014 South Korean daily drama starring Jang Seo-hee, Hwang Dong-joo, Lee Chae-young and Kim Kyung-nam. It premiered on KBS2 on June 3, 2014, airing every Monday to Friday at 19:50 for 102 episodes.
Hwa-young believes that Yeon-hee, her brother’s ex-girlfriend, drove him to his death. When the unhappily married Yeon-hee is diagnosed with uterine cancer, Hwa-young volunteers to become a surrogate mother for her, all the while planning her revenge. Hwa-young conceives and gives birth, lets Yeon-hee raise the child, then destroys Yeon-hee by trying to take the child back.

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