Bandila – August 19, 2015

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Bandila - August 19, 2015
Bandila – August 19, 2015
is an International Emmy-nominated late night news broadcast of ABS-CBN in the Philippines. The newscast is anchored by Julius Babao, Karen Davila, and Ces Oreña-Drilon. It is aired Weeknights at 11:00–11:45 PM.

It features long story format about which the Center of Media Freedom and Responsibility stated, Bandila’s strength is its willingness to take a story and explore the various issues surrounding it. In addition, “it takes an issue to another level by adding perspective and analysis to it, thereby providing viewers a journalistic ingredient sorely lacking in many TV reports: context”. Such objective causes the reports to be longer than usual.

On November 22, 2010, Bandila started letting viewers send their reactions on each news through Twitter or Facebook and later read by the anchors after each news items, thus making Bandila more interactive.

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