Buena Familia – January 26, 2016

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Buena Familia - January 26, 2016
Buena Familia – January 26, 2016
Another gripping drama is set to captivate the viewers of all ages as GMA Network presents the Afternoon Prime series Buena Familia, which is set to premiere this Tuesday, July 28. Buena Familia aims to reflect every person’s struggle to provide for his or her family’s welfare and how good fortune is attained through one’s endeavor to live nobly. Witness stellar performances as Buena Familia pulls off an ensemble cast beginning with the reunion of the hottest love team in the ’90s – Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon. They will give light to the characters of Arthur and Bettina. People see them as the perfect couple not until Arthur got himself involved in a pyramiding scheme which turned their affluence into a misfortune.

Watch Buena Familia – January 26, 2016 Episode below

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