The Better Half May 15, 2017

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The Better Half May 15, 2017 Replay
The Better Half May 15, 2017 Replay
Camille (Shaina Magdayao) is happily married to Marco (Carlo Aquino). Meanwhile, Bianca (Denise Laurel), Marco’s childhood friend, is secretly in-love with him. She begged Marco to marry her, but Marco kept his loyalty to Camille.
After the marriage, Marco was set to go to Dubai. Unfortunately, the plane crashed. Bianca, didn’t stop her search for Marco until she found him laying on an island. She hid Marco and took advantage of his amnesia. She pretended to be Marco’s wife. Meanwhile, Camille met Rafael (JC de Vera) and were set to be wed.
Months after, Bianca’s greatest fear came. Marco slowly remembered his true love, Camille. Bianca, in eagerness to keep Marco with her, imitates Camille based on Marco’s dream. Until Marco decided to find Camille to talk to her. Following this, Bianca was revealed to be pregnant. As Marco slowly recovers his memories, Bianca will do everything so that Marco will not remember anything.

Watch The Better Half May 15, 2017 Replay Below.

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